Salinity Refractometer

Salinity Refractometer

A salinity refractometer is used to test and regulate the concentration of salt water and brine. It has a scale for specific and concentration of salt in water, making it a valuable tool for research and clinical laboratories.

Salinity refractometer is used in oceanography and seawater studies to determine soil quality. It also provides reliable refractive index and salinity readings of total dissolved solids of aqueous solutions. K-patents refraktometer is considered to be one of the best refractometers in the industry.


  • Rubber-coated hand grip and metallic body to insulate test solution
  • Covered eyepiece and clear, easy-to-read scale
  • Comes with necessary accessories including calibration tools, transfer pipette, instruction manual, and protective case
  • No batteries needed

A salinity refractometer is handy and easy to use. All that is needed is two drops of sample to make a reading and a few minutes to carry out the test. When the sample is placed underneath the daylight plate, the salinity reading can be read by looking through the eyepiece and by using ambient light. The tool gives an accuracy of about ±0.5% as long as right standards and conditions are met. Refractometer should be calibrated periodically.

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