Month: July 2023

Navigating the Journey of a New Invention Idea

Coming up with a new invention idea is a moment of excitement and potential. However, the process from ideation to realization involves multiple steps and careful planning. Here is a systematic action plan to guide first-time inventors through the journey of bringing their invention idea to life.

Start with Documentation

The first step in the journey of your new invention is documentation. Record every aspect of your idea, including the conception process, a thorough description of the invention, potential uses, and any modifications or improvements. This documentation, if signed and dated, can serve as proof of the originality of your invention.

Understand the Market

Once you have your invention idea clearly laid out, it’s time to evaluate its market potential. Conduct preliminary market research to assess demand for your product, understand the competitive landscape, and identify target audience demographics.

Search Existing Patents

This step involves searching the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database and other international patent databases to ensure your invention is unique and does not infringe upon any existing patents.

Build a Prototype

Creating a prototype of your invention helps you comprehend its functionality, identify any design flaws, and make necessary adjustments before mass production. Depending on the complexity of your invention, this might be a handmade model or a professionally manufactured prototype.

Apply for Provisional Patent

To protect your idea, apply for a provisional patent, which gives you patent-pending status. This provides protection for 12 months, during which you may process the nonprovisional patent application. Get your invention idea patented with the help of an expert patent attorney or agency, such as InventHelp,. They can file your patent application and help you navigate the patent process.

In-Depth Market Research

After securing preliminary patent protection, conduct detailed market research to validate the market potential of your invention. This should include analysis of market size, customer preferences, potential pricing, and competitive products.

Engage with the Inventor Community

Networking events, invention trade shows, and inventor groups are great opportunities to connect with fellow inventors and industry experts. These connections often lead to valuable advice and potential partnerships.

Pitch Your Invention

Find potential investors, licensees, or partners and pitch your invention idea to them. Consider entering your prototype into invention contests, which can raise visibility and offer funding opportunities.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Plan for the manufacturing stage. Will you partner with a manufacturing company, or are you considering producing it yourself? Also, figure out distribution channels – will you sell the product online, in local stores, or through a distributor?


The journey from idea to invention is an exciting and challenging one. With careful planning and following these steps, new inventors can effectively navigate the complexities of this process. Remember, it’s not only about the destination but also the journey of perseverance, learning, and innovation along the way.

What to Look For When Shopping For a Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic lawn mowers are becoming a staple in homes, transforming the tedium of manual lawn mowing into a hands-off, hassle-free task. If you’re planning to get one to maintain your pristine lawn, here are some key features to consider when shopping for a robotic lawn mower.

Lawn Size Capacity

The first aspect to consider is the size of your lawn. Robotic mowers vary in their lawn capacity, with some models designed for smaller yards up to a quarter of an acre while others can handle large estates spanning several acres. Always assess the coverage area of the lawn mower and ensure it matches the size of your lawn.

Cutting Width and Height

The cutting width determines the amount of grass the mower can cut in a single pass. A larger cutting width means the mower can cover more ground in less time, which is beneficial for larger lawns. Cutting height, on the other hand, refers to how short the mower can cut the grass. Look for a device with adjustable cutting heights to accommodate different grass types and personal preferences.

Battery Life and Charging Time

Battery life is crucial for efficient lawn mowing. A mower with a short battery life will need to return to its charging station frequently, increasing the total mowing time. Similarly, a quick charging time means the mower can get back to work sooner.

Navigation and Connectivity

Modern robotic mowers come with advanced navigation systems consisting of GPS, Wi-Fi, and perimeter wire technologies. They accurately map your lawn and avoid obstacles. Many can even be controlled remotely using a smartphone app, making them incredibly user-friendly.

Noise Levels

Unlike conventional gas-powered mowers, one of the benefits of robotic mowers is their quiet operation. However, noise levels can still vary between models, so consider choosing a quiet model for peaceful outdoor space.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top concern when investing in a robotic lawn mower. Look for features like obstacle sensors, lift and tilt detection, child safety locks, and PIN codes.

Weather Resistance

Since your mower will be outdoors most of the time, it’s essential to ensure it can handle different weather conditions. Choose a mower rated for weather resistance to protect it from damage due to rain, extreme heat, or cold.

My Robot Direct: The Best Place to Buy Your Robotic Devices

When looking for the ideal robotic lawn mower, the shopping experience can greatly impact your satisfaction. This is where My Robot Direct distinguishes itself as one of the best online shops for robotic devices.

Broad Range of Lawn Mowers

At My Robot Direct, you will find a diverse selection of robotic lawn mowers designed to meet various lawn capacities, cutting widths, battery life requirements, and much more. Whether you’re caring for a compact outdoor space or maintaining a sprawling lawn, there is a model to perfectly match your unique needs.

Competitive Pricing

Price is an important consideration for many homeowners, and My Robot Direct stands out for its competitively priced merchandise. They strive to bring advanced mowing technology to your backyard without straining your wallet.

Expert Customer Service

Navigating the world of robotic lawn mowers can be complex. However, My Robot Direct’s knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to guide you through your purchase. Their expert advice can simplify the selection process, ensuring you get a lawn mower that is a perfect fit for your lawn maintenance needs.


With an ever-growing array of robotic lawn mowers in the market, choosing the one best suited to your needs can feel daunting. By considering these critical factors, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision, ensuring your new robotic assistant will maintain your lawn effortlessly for years to come. Remember to also consider reputable suppliers like My Robot Direct, known for their wide selection, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, for a reliable shopping experience.