Most Common Marketing Jobs

Most Common Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs are among the most sought-after positions in the employment market. This is because marketing executives are responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships between their companies and customers. Marketing professionals must create strategies to increase sales, generate brand awareness and improve customer retention.

The following list of entry level marketing jobs provides a general overview of some of the most common positions available at companies that hire entry level marketing professionals.

Marketing Assistant

This position is often the first step towards becoming a marketing executive or director. A marketing assistant performs clerical duties such as answering phones and typing letters on behalf of higher-level staff members. They also handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and planning company events. Entry level marketing assistants may be assigned specific duties related to their chosen field such as public relations or advertising when they become more experienced in their field of study.

Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator manages projects related to marketing efforts within an organization or department. They organize meetings with clients or other departments regarding new products, services or campaign launches; complete research on competitors’ offerings; and schedule conference calls with vendors for new equipment purchases or other expenditures required for business growth plans. Coordinators are often promoted to supervisor positions within their company after several years on the job performing these duties.

Sales Representative

A sales representative sells products and services to clients, either over the phone or in-person. They typically work for businesses that specialize in a specific industry, such as medical devices or insurance plans. They must have excellent communication skills and be able to make a good impression on potential clients. Sales reps often work with a team of other sales representatives or account managers, who help them reach their goals.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative answers questions and provides support for customers. They usually work in call centers where they speak with people over the phone or through online chat.

Sales Consultant

A sales consultant helps customers find the right products or services for them. They may work in retail stores or elsewhere in the business world.

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