What Are Yoga Cushions?

What Are Yoga Cushions?

Yoga cushions are designed to promote correct posture and make your yoga practice more comfortable. Yoga cushions are usually made of foam or cotton, with some being covered in synthetic material that dries quickly. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes to suit your individual needs.

Yoga cushions can help you maintain good posture by supporting your knees and hips during seated poses. They also provide extra padding for your head, shoulders, elbows and back for comfort during meditation.

Yogis tend to prefer foam or cork yoga cushions because they’re lighter than other materials, making them easier to transport from class to class. However, these types of cushion don’t offer much traction on slippery floors and may slip around if you’re doing active movements like sun salutations or warrior poses.

Some yoga cushions come with straps that allow them to be attached to your mat so they stay put during downward dog poses or warrior poses where you’re moving around a lot. Some yogis find this feature helpful because it allows their hands to stay on the floor without having to hold onto anything else (such as a strap).

While yoga cushions are great for beginners, they can be inconvenient for more experienced yogis. If you’re doing a lot of fast-paced poses or sun salutations, it may be difficult to keep your hands on the floor while also holding onto a cushion. Another drawback is that some types of foam tend to lose their shape over time due to excessive use or exposure to the elements (such as rain).

If you’re looking for a yoga cushion that will help support your back during long periods of sitting or standing, then look for one with a high-density foam core. This type of cushion is also great for people with back problems because it helps reduce pressure points. However, if you simply want something to sit on while doing poses like warrior poses where you’re moving around a lot, then choose a lighter cushion that comes with straps so it stays put during downward dog poses or warrior poses where you’re moving around a lot.

Yoga mats are another popular choice for yoga practise. They’re usually thicker than other materials and come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches your style. In addition to helping provide traction on slippery floors, mats also give you something to sit on when you’re not doing yoga poses. Some yogis find it easier to keep their balance while seated if they have something firm underneath them; this is especially true if they have sciatica or back pain issues.


The best coussin de yoga for you depends on your personal preferences, budget, and needs. If you’re just starting out with yoga or looking for a simple solution to help relieve pain in your back or hips, try using a pillow or folded blanket. If you have more specific issues that require more specialized cushioning, like sciatica or spinal stenosis, consider a firm foam wedge or one of the many other options listed here.

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