How To Order A Birth Certificate in Texas?

How To Order A Birth Certificate in Texas?

The Texas Department of State Health Services is the agency that issues birth certificates. The DSHS website has a searchable database that allows you to order a copy of an individual’s birth certificate online. To order a copy of a birth certificate, you will need to provide the full name of the person listed on the document, their date of birth and their place of birth. You will also need to provide your own contact information, as well as your relationship to the person whose records you are requesting.

You can also apply in person at any birth certificate Texas office or local registrar’s office in Texas if you do not want to pay for overnight shipping by mail or if you just want something other than an electronic copy of your birth certificate. In order to apply in person at one of these offices, simply go there during regular business hours and request an application form from the clerk or receptionist working there.

Once you have filled out this application form, take it back to the clerk’s desk so they can file it and assign an application number for it before sending it off to be reviewed by someone who works with vital records there.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be notified by mail when it has been approved. When you receive this letter, bring it with you to the same office where you originally applied so they can verify that it is legitimate and then give it back to them so they can issue your copy of the birth certificate.


The process of getting a copy of your birth certificate can be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you have all the proper documents that prove your identity, then there is no reason why you should have any trouble getting a copy of your birth certificate from the Department of Health in Texas.

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