How To Choose A Dog Groomer

How To Choose A Dog Groomer

Nothing can stop you as a pet lover from pampering your dog as much as you desire. While you can spoil them rotten with toys and other paraphernalia one aspect you cannot afford to ignore is grooming. Your dog will need regular grooming in order to remain clean and healthy. Finding the right dog groomer is important, which entails a good bit of research on your part. The key is to find a pet grooming Coral Way shop, your pet can stick with for years to come. While some pet lovers do become expert groomers themselves there are many of us that need professional help.

Listen to fellow dog lovers

There are a few obvious and not so obvious factors to consider when in search of a groomer for your pet pooch. One of the best ways to find a groomer is through family, friends, and fellow pet lovers. Word of mouth can often work to your advantage since dog owners will be forthcoming about their personal experiences with a groomer. So, pay attention to what they have to say about their facilities and grooming routine and then pay a visit to groomers who potentially seem to offer the best services.

Clean and relaxed atmosphere

Speaking of facilities, a dog grooming facility should a relaxed and pleasant environment. Many dogs become anxious when groomed, especially when it involves a bath, trim, and ear and nail care. The more comfortable the surroundings the more relaxed your dog is likely to be during the process. Besides, an experienced groomer will understand the needs of your dog and go about their task in a kind and gentle way. Hygiene is most important. A dog groomer will have a good deal of equipment that needs to be spotless and germ free. This includes the bathing tub, drying cages, grooming table, clippers, brush, blow dryers, and grooming kits. Even though a groomer may be well staffed, hygiene isn’t something that can be taken for granted. Therefore, make sure a groomer scores nothing less than full marks in this aspect.

Quality dog hair and skin products

Another important factor is the type of products used by a groomer. Dogs can have sensitive skin that could lead to further complications when exposed to harmful chemicals found in some shampoos, soaps, and other grooming products. Make a note of the type of products, which ought to be deep cleansing and free from toxins that can hair loss and other skin complications. There are plenty of organic dog hair and skin care products used by top dog groomers in the business.

A dog grooming service isn’t an assembly line. Long haired dogs need extra care which could take a groomer up to an hour. In addition, there are various techniques to ensure that they are well groomed. Don’t hesitate to ask the grooming service about their techniques and the duration of each grooming session. If you plan to enter dog shows, you may want to consider a groomer who specializes in your breed of dog.

Experience counts in more ways than one

Then again, a good dog groomer will ask you a few questions that concern your dog’s age, behavior, medical history, and other related issues. This ought to help you judge their experience and potential to groom your dog well. There is nothing that can be a better judge than practical experience. Don’t hesitate to fix an appointment with a dog groomer and if your pet comes out with a healthy, well trimmed and shiny, then it may be just the right grooming service for you.

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