Choosing A Dentist For Your Family

Choosing A Dentist For Your Family

Family dentistry is a general term that refers to all of the dental services offered by a dentist, including comprehensive treatment of the entire family. It also includes preventive care and education on how to take care of your teeth and gums.

Why Do I Need Family Dentistry?

As your kids get older, they will need more frequent dental care than when they were younger. Regular visits for checkups, cleanings and fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath and other dental problems. The best time to start taking care of your teeth is now!

What Can I Expect From A Visit To My Family Dentist?

You can expect a complete examination of your mouth and teeth along with an oral cancer screening. Your Fountain Hills dentist will talk with you about any concerns you may have about your teeth or gums, as well as any issues in your mouth that could be causing pain or discomfort.

How To Choose The Right Dentist?

Choosing a good dentist Fountain Hills is an important decision. Your family’s health and well-being depend on it. Here are some questions to ask when selecting a dentist:

How much experience does he or she have? Choose a dentist who has been in practice for at least 10 years.

What’s his or her specialty? A pediatric dentist can help with children, while an endodontist treats root canal therapy.

Does he or she have good reviews from patients? Ask friends and family for recommendations, then call the office and ask about the dentist’s credentials and treatment plans.

Do they offer emergency care? If you’re in pain or something goes wrong with your mouth, you want to know that your dentist has staff members that can help immediately.

Is there an after-hours number I can call if I’m having problems? You never know when your child might get sick or hurt their mouth, so it’s important to make sure your dental office has someone on call 24/7 in case of emergency.

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