Apostille Stamp

Apostille Stamp

An Apostille is an international certification. The Apostille will confirm that a signature, a seal or a stamp on the certificate is unique. It doesn’t mean that the content itself is correct. There are different reasons why you need an Apostille on a document: Fx. Purchase of a property aboard, marriages and other cases. Before you apply for an Apostille stamp, you should check all requirements.

Where can you get an Apostille Stamp?

Each country has a designated government official that issues the apostille stamp for authentication. There are no other functions of the apostille so the office is often incorporated into other offices of government business. The apostille stamp declares the authenticity of the document, including the signature, the position of the person who signs the document and the identity of the stamp or seal found on the document. The apostille stamp is either put onto the document or attached to the document.

The specific form of the apostille is determined by the Convention and is mandatory if the document is expected to pass. Diplomatic or consulate offices at embassies or missions have the authority to issue apostilles when requested by a foreign authority. Offices that deal primarily with the issuance of licenses or other certifications of that sort are likely the places you can go to have an apostille stamp on your documents.

If you need exact instructions you should be able to find them on governmental websites for your country or state. There are also apostille services in each state and you can get an apostille only in the state where the apostille will be issued. So, if you need an apostille in Dallas, you should contact apostille Dallas service to help you out with the process. These websites will also tell you what kind of documents you need to provide to ensure the most expedient processing of your documents. It is not a good idea to mail any of your original documents you should always take original papers in person.

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